B1A4 tells you a story in ‘Origine’ trailer

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B1A4 continues to reveal their ‘Origine‘ teasers. So, check it out below!

In their trailer, we see a world of zombies that has invaded the laundromats. We see all kinds of things happening as the music intensifies. It definitely left us intrigued as to how this has all begun and where this story will go.





They have revealed their original cover where each member gets a blurry effect on their image. They are also seen wearing matching black and white outfit. The members appear to be going for that dark concept that is fitting to their trailer.

They have also revealed the tracklist. There is a total of 12 tracks including the intro track, ‘What is LovE?‘, ‘Diving‘ and ‘Tonight‘.

Gongchan is first up with his image teasers. He looks so fluffy in this cosy outfit. He definitely stands out against the yellow background as he wears a colour that contrasts well with the yellow colour.

In the second trailer, we get this retro and jazzy vibe that is fitting to the black and white effect added to their video. We see the members acting quite exaggerated, making it even more enjoyable to watch. One can’t wait to see how this connects to their zombie concept.




In their second teaser, we see them immersed in water with their distinct colour. CNU is seen with this vibrant red, giving it almost that devilish look. Sandeul has such distinctive eyes that shine among the light colours surrounding him. While, Gongchan goes for a black and white look as he is full merged into the water.




For their third concept, they are seen embracing that colourful yet newtro look. It is definitely a concept that they all can pull off. They definitely look quite stunning in these outfits.

For Sandeul‘s teaser, we see him chilling inside the laundromat that was invaded by zombies earlier in the first trailer. It will be interesting to see how he ended up there and how zombies got their way inside.

In their highlight medley, it allows us a taste of the kind of songs they have in this album. We get a whole range of songs that will touch our hearts. It has these olden days sound that really has you feeling quite nostalgic. There is also that upbeat retro sounds that one would love to groove along to. These types of sound definitely go well with their vocals. They also have given us such soothing songs that have us feeling the good vibes throughout it. Overall, it is such a diverse album that contains everything for everyone.

In the third trailer, we see Gongchan entering a yellow lift with such a groovy and retro beat. As days go by, we see Gongchan‘s interaction with the girl in the lift. It looks like they continue to meet one another in the lift that they begin to know one another. It is such a cute story and one can’t wait to see its progression.

CNU‘s teasers reveal that beautiful retro look as he goes to a diner to propose. It is such a stunning look that goes so well with him. We can’t wait to see how each story will tie together as one in this MV.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot return on October 19th. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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