ASTRO is going to open up a new ‘Gateway’ with this comeback

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ASTRO have been spoiling us with teasers for their upcoming seventh mini-album ‘Gateway‘ and the title track ‘Knock‘. The new album is scheduled for release on May 4.

Let’s catch-up on all the teasers so far. They’re all so aesthetic.

The latest teaser to be released is a behind the scenes look at the shooting of their album jacket photos.

ASTRO ‘Gateway’ behind the scenes

The ‘Another World‘ version of the teaser images are so beautiful and we’re loving the soothing blue nautical theming of the shots.

ASTRO ‘Another World’ version

Earlier the group released the ‘Time Traveller‘ version of their teaser images. Their a little other worldly and esoteric, but still stunning.

ASTRO ‘Time Traveller’ version

In another teaser, the group revealed that the title track or the album would be ‘Knock‘. It was also revealed that members JinJin and Rocky wrote the rap lyrics for the track.

ASTRO ‘Knock’

The group shared a first look at the concept and details for their album ‘Gateway‘ via Twitter.

ASTRO ‘Gateway

One of the first teasers that ASTRO shared for this comeback was the stunningly beautiful ‘Identify film: Wanna Be Your Star‘. It’s so pretty.

ASTRO ‘Identify Film’

ASTRO will be making their comeback with ‘Gateway‘ and the title track ‘Knock‘ on May 4.

What do you think of all the teasers that ASTRO have released so far? What’s your favourite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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