ASTRO are romantic leading men in concept teasers for ‘All Light’

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Since ASTRO announced their comeback with their first full album to be titled ‘All Light’,they have continued to drop seriously stunning teasers.

All Light‘ is scheduled to be released on January 16, and the latest teasers to be released are individual concept films for each of the members.

Each clip is highly visual, which is what you would expect from ASTRO, but they all have a different feel, playing to the individual strengths of the members.

Moonbin is the latest member to have his concept film released. In the 28-second clip, Moonbin will captivate fans with his strong visuals while being lost in thought and wandering through a beautiful garden.

ASTRO Moonbin

MJ’s clip sees him in a beautiful garden surrounded by beautiful blooms and ripe fruit before he smiles brightly into the camera, making our hearts skip a beat.


In his clip Rocky looks to be concocting a beautiful perfume using the stunning blooms he is surrounded by.


Cha Eun Woo‘s clip is, as you would expect – stunning. He is mesmerising as he wanders through the garden. Towards the end of the clip he says something that is inaudible – we need to know what he said!


ASTRO‘s leader Jinjin is perched amongst the branches of a tree, soaking up the surroundings. His look for this concept – his bright pink hair – makes a beautiful contrast to his surrounds.

ASTRO Jinjin

Maknae Sanha with his purple hair and green eyes makes an immediate impact in his concept film. He looks somewhat lost in thought surrounded by lost blossoms and crystals, and a goldfish swimming in a goldfish bowl.


This will be ASTRO’s first promoted comeback in over a year. Their last full comeback was in November 2017 when their mini album ‘Dream Part.02‘ which featured the title track ‘Crazy Sexy Cool‘. The group also released their special mini album ‘Rise Up‘ in July 2018 although it was not promoted on most music shows.

ASTRO‘s first full album ‘All Light‘ is scheduled to be released on January 16.

Are you looking forward to ASTRO‘s comeback? What do you think of the concept films? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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