1THE9 puts you in the ‘Spotlight’ for second MV teaser + looks cute for their latest concept teasers

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1THE9 really knows how to put us in a good mood with all the content teasers. So, check what they have revealed so far below!

They have revealed the second MV teaser for ‘Spotlight‘. In this video, it features nine televisions which showcases each member. Their individual teasers are shown in the respective tv. The show that plays with it is quite nostalgic, since it has that brass and upbeat vibe. One can’t help but enjoy the melody and groove along with it.

They have also gone ahead and revealed the MV for their side track, ‘The Story‘. This track shows how school life is like. The track itself is quite soothing to listen to. Their voices go so well with this soothing melody. They surely know how to capture us with the story line. The track works well with the MV. However, you can’t help but feel for the members as they go through different things.

Kim Junseo

Yoo Yongha

Jung Jinsung

Park Sungwon

Kim Taewoo

Lee Seunghwan

Jeon Doyum

Shin Yechan

Jeong Taekhyeon

Meanwhile, for their individual teasers, we get to see each of them pose with the lovely neon yellow. They definitely know how to look quite cool and charismatic with the colour yellow. It makes one quite attracted to the image given.

Meanwhile, the group itself will make their hot debut with ‘XIX‘ on April 13th. Are you ready for it? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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