1THE9 has the ‘Spotlight’ on them for their debut!

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1THE9 finally makes their hot debut with their title track, ‘Spotlight‘. They have also went ahead and revealed the full album’s songs. So, check it all out below!

They have chosen the right song to debut with! It is upbeat and fits well with the current trend. It has that Latin vibe to it before the song changes up to give you that nostalgic vibe. It appears that they have put in a section of another song into this music video to help set the scene of the video. Thus, the way they interact with one another and have come together makes it quite touching to watch.

The song goes back to ‘Spotlight‘ and we have returned to that upbeat and fun song. It surely gets you up on your feet to feel the groove the song. It is chill to listen to even though it is actually quite upbeat. Their voices also goes nicely with this tone of song. The choreography is also quite fast-paced, which fits well with the song. They definitely are out here showing all of them.

They have also revealed the full album. They have dropped a video that gives you a listen to all of their tracks. So, check it out above.

Meanwhile, be sure to show them your support by checking out the MV above. Which song caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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